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Modoc County is considered the last frontier in Northern California. Approximately ninety percent of the county consists of national forest, wilderness preserve, wildlife refuge, and BLM lands. If you enjoy outdoor recreation, this part of the country is for you!


This northeastern County of the State is bound on the north by the State of Oregon, on the east by the State of Nevada, on the south by Plumas County, and on the west by Siskiyou County. Modoc County is rectangular in shape and measures nearly one hundred miles east and west by nearly sixty miles north and south, and contains 2,750,000 acres.


Modoc County was originally part of the eastern section of Siskiyou County. It was first purposed to name the new county “Canby” for the General who lost his life in the Modoc Indian War. A later proposal of “Summit” was suggested but there were many objections and it was finally named Modoc County on February 17, 1874.


Modoc is a land that the Indians call "The Smiles of God." Their love for this land, consisting of ragged lava plateaus, fertile valleys and towering mountains, was so intense that many hundreds of these original inhabitants defended it to their death against the invasion of the white man. Because of those fierce Indian wars between 1848 and 1911, this area was once referred to as the "Bloody Grounds of the Pacific".


Today, the residents of Modoc County enjoy a peaceful life free of crime, pollution, traffic lights, and heavy vehicle and air traffic. We live amongst friendly families, pride, and common courtesy. RMS is proud to be part of the community for over 30 years.



Roy Ferry

Home of the Free . . .


. . .  because of the Brave!



Located centrally within the County as the County Seat, Alturas California lies in the broad valley of the Pit River. Alturas was originally named Dorris Bridge, after the Dorris brothers who first settled here in 1870. The year 1871 was a booming settlement year. By February 1873, there were between 150-200 residents in the Pit River Valley and Dorris Bridge began to take on the aspects of a bona-fide town.


In 1876, the community was renamed Alturas, Spanish for “Valley on Top of a Mountain”. A visiting correspondent of the Reno Journal declared that the “little mountain town is about the liveliest camp in the country.”


Today, the city is located at the junction of Highways 395 and 299 in the northeastern part of California. According to the 2001 U.S. Census Bureau the population for the county is 9,333 and for the City of Alturas 3,231.


Alturas has many modern conveniences including a medical center, doctors (of many specialties), banks, live/movie theater, fitness centers, hair salons,  specialty shopping, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware, lumber, electronics, hotels and motels, and much more.


Alturas has four distinct seasons; Summers that are mild, ninety-five degrees is considered a heat wave. Fall brings out vibrant color changes to the native foliage and the duck, goose and crane migrations are impressive sights. Winters are cold with mild snow and some freezing nights. Spring has some rain showers but mostly sunny and moderately warm days.


Alturas, California is a truly exceptional place to live and work!




Ardie Ferry


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